Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time Machine Hangs

I have found an issue with Time Machine on Mac Leopard 10.5.1 where it hangs and causes all sorts of grief. I found that it does this when I have Parallels open.

Here is how I fixed it. (Before we start, be sure Parallels is off)

1. Turn off Time Machine.
2. Open up Time Machine Preferences.
3. Click the "Options" button.
4. At the bottom left is a button with a "+" sign. Click it. (We're going to add an exception to TM)
5. Navigate to /users/[user]/Documents
6. Select the "Parallels" directory and click the "Exclude" button.
(You have just excluded Time Machine from backing up your parallels directory. When Parallels is open, the contents of this directory are constantly changing. This drives Time Machine crazy for some reason.)
7. Turn on Time Machine.

You're done. Good luck.